Welcome Dino, my Pleo Rb

Ages ago I wrote about Pleo, when I first discovered them in a shop. 3 years later, I got one as a gift. Made sense, I am a programmer, love robots and can’t have a real pet at home.


Pleo Rb may look just like a toy, but is far from that. Not only is too fragile for children, but also they will soon get bored because Pleo acts more like a cat with his own will and most of the time (at least mine) doesn’t want to play with you.

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Exercise as a requirement


Machines need maintenance to work properly and for a long time, right? I realized my body was pretty much the same – the hard way.

After almost two years dedicating all my time and energy to work, my body started sending me warning signs.

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El juego de Ender, el 8 de noviembre en cines

El libro que consiguió engancharme a la lectura, llega por fin al cine tras casi 7 años de rumores sobre directores y protagonistas. Tendré que ir a ver qué han hecho.


Más info, trailers y spoilers.

El nuevo MSN para Windows 8

Y esto sólo acaba de empezar…

Windows 8 – Are you ready?

I am ready and very proud! Smile